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Newbiggin beach replenishment project
Welcome to Newbiggin by the Sea
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August 2007

bay moonlight Moonlight Bay
The evening of Thursday 30th August was a warm, still, moonlit night. I thought I'd take a stroll on the beach and see how it all looked by moonlight... Photos by Jason Thompson
Moon pics Lunar Pics 31st August
Derek Hobbs was oiut and about on a moonlit beach on the last day of the month to capture these pictures of an atmospheric sky and moon, with Strekker working away in the dusk.
BBC One 27th August: BBC ONE Show
A beach party atmosphere is created on the...beach - and it's all the magic of telly, as the BBC broadcast us live to millions for about 4 minutes to publicise how great we all are!
Sunrise 28th August Early one morning...
28th August, and another early riser is Rebecca de'Wessington, who chose to start the day with a camera for us. Thanks!
couple from the south The South end of the Bay
A quick look at how things are at the south end of the bay, including views from here of Couple, the boatyard works, and the rolling waves breaking on the new beach. 22nd August 2007.
Couple at sunrise 23rd August Sunrise
Margaret Hobbs gets up jolly early and goes down to the beach to enjoy Couple at their best. Thanks Margaret!
Couple Gallery by Derek Hobbs

17th August 2007

Finally it happened. "Couple" was installed and the work completed in the fina hour of the day.

camera shooting couple 20th August - Tyne Tees
Now that Couple is in place, and crowds are flocking to see them, the TV crews are showing an interest in our reactions. Mabel Allen and Jason Thompson are interviewed for local news.
"Couple" waiting at Blyth 16th August - With the installation of Sean henry's "Couple" delayed because of the problems with Strekker, here they are waiting at the port of Blyth. Platform for Couple 17th August - With Strekker back in action, anticipation mounted as the Ailsa brought the platform into the bay.

6th August  - Groynes, steps and platforms.
An update showing the progress being made on the works in the boatyard, the horseshoe steps and the viewing platforms.

Sean Henry Gallery Picture
15th August - With Strekker laid up again for repairs, an afternoon of sunshine and (mainly) showers greeted Sean Henry as he visited Newbiggin to check on progress.


We welcome contributions to this web site. If you have photographs, video clips or written materials that relate to the project or Newbiggin Bay in general, and would like them to be considered for inclusion, contact or telephone 01670 810370 to speak to Jason Thompson.

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