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Newbiggin beach replenishment project
Welcome to Newbiggin by the Sea
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July 2007

22 July 22 July - Richard Martin
Up in the air and out at sea, various views in and around - and above - the bay from 22nd July.
moon July comes to a close...
30-31 July With no work on the breakwater on Lifeboat Day, a galloping horse, a rainbow and a passing hovercraft caught Derek and Margaret Hobbs’s eye.
21july 21 July 2007 - Preparation for the first leg arriving. A metal grid is laid on the north end of the breakwater, to allow easy access for the fitting of the legs that will hold the sculpture platform. Photos by Derek Hobbs. leg1 The first leg arrives!
22 July 2007 - the first platform leg arrives and is fitted by the engineers. Photos by Derek Hobbs.
sand testers Official sand testers...
19th July 2007 - representatives from Newbiggin's first schools gather on the beach for the photographers as they test the sand with buckets and spades. Jason Thompson.
beach view Crane ride
A seagull's eye view of the beach and village - 200ft in the air above The Black Pearl on the Bungee Crane. 21st July 2007 - Jason Thompson.
core loc Core Loc Placement
Tim Martin braves the sea once more to give us a close up view of the delicate operation of placing the core loc units. Photos taken on Monday 9th July.
concrete Step by step...
Horseshoe steps construction photographs by Derek Hobbs, showing the wooden mouldings, and elaborate concrete pumping procedure from the top of the steps. 13th July 2007.
ian wilkinson Bay views
Submitted by Ian Wilkinson - a few shots of the sand works and the bay just before the last load was delivered.
school beach School on the beach
The pupils of Windsor School have a very special visit to the new beach to help choose the official sand testers. Plus, the new beach cleaning squad are out, and a visitor cruises around the bay.
6july Wet, wet, wet
Placing the core loc is a tricky operation, and today there was a cradle to transport the workers from the barge to the reef, and a man in the water guiding the placement. 6/07/07
8th july A summer promenade
The summer is finally here (for a few days) and the people are out in force to enjoy the sea front. How many visitors will there be when it's all finished?
4th july derek hobbs gallery Sand, Sea, Sky and Concrete - 4/07/07
Dramatic skies marked the first days of July, and Derek Hobbs has captured a selection of them, as well as picturing updates on the horseshoe step construction
rainbow Evening light - 4th July
Derek and Margaret Hobbs see the light in the evening after a day of heavy storms. The fishermen are out and enjoying the resulting calm.


We welcome contributions to this web site. If you have photographs, video clips or written materials that relate to the project or Newbiggin Bay in general, and would like them to be considered for inclusion, contact or telephone 01670 810370 to speak to Jason Thompson.

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