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Newbiggin beach replenishment project
Welcome to Newbiggin by the Sea
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June 2007

bay 1 May 31st and June 1st
Sunny end to May - scenes from south promenade; and a misty start to June - North Stack chugs around the bay, and foggy views of the Horseshoe Steps and current works.
night sand arrival Misty Sands - June 1st
Daytime surveying in the mist, followed by a very early morning arrival of sand, working under spotlights in the fog. Photos by Margaret Hobbs.
3rd june prom 1am and 1pm - 3rd June
Expecting a midnight arrival of sand I arrived at the prom to find that the Oranje was late so I took a few photos and went to bed. I returned just after lunch to find lots more sand in place.
sand spume 4th June - Sand arrival
9-10pm. Onlookers, and the sand being pumped ashore, including the linking up of a new section of pipe, causing a spume of sand and water. By Claudia Ridley.
sandworks 4th June - Sandworks
9.30pm - the sand is worked by the bulldozers as the people look on. Light is fading and the mist is still there, as the activity on the beach in front of the horseshoe steps is frantic. By Jason Thompson.
digger spraying water 4th June - Sand arrival
9-10pm. Dramatic pictures of the sand spraying as the sections of sinkerline are attached mid-flow. Evening shots of beach works. By Jenn Ridley.
sinkerline burst 6th June - the burst!
The sand had only been pumping for a few minutes when the flow was interrupted - the sinkerline had burst near the Oranje and for a few minutes sand and water mushroomed from under the sea. By Claudia Ridley.
prom 9th June - Oranje and the prom from the sea
Richard Martin braved the sea close up to the Oranje, and provided some dramatic shots of the sinkerline linkup and the delivery of sand to a growing in front of a crowded promenade.
pipe 9th June - preparations and sand works
A beautifully sunny day, and large crowds gathered for the now familiar arrival of the sand. It has become a local 'happening' and when the last load arrives it will be quite a miss for many of us...
barry olivers photos 9th May - watching the work
Barry Oliver's photos of the beach works, including spectators and the rock barge.
Keep off 12th June - Keep Off!
The pipes are snaking across the bay, and part of the job of the contractors is to make sure everything is safe for everyone to enjoy the new beach and bay. Photos by Derek and Margaret Hobbs.
richard 123th june gallery 13th June - Views from the sea and beach
Richard and Tim Martin take to the sea again and provide views of the works from beyond the new beach. And on it too!
New Steps 14th June - Landworks
The excavations for the new Horseshoe Steps, and the preparations for the new landscaping at the Old Boatyard at the Beach Terrace end of the promenade. Photos by Claudia Ridley.
sunrise - richard martin 15th June - Sunrise over the sands
Richard Martin gets up at 4am to see the sand arrive, and realises that it was all worthwhile. Stunningly beautiful photographs!
14th and 15th june 14th and 15th June
The Oranje over a dark Newbiggin bay, the horseshoe steps excavations, shells not native to our beach, and pipeline pictures submitted by Derek and Margaret Hobbs.
final sand delivery 16th June - The Last Sand
A small but enthusiastic crowd gathers on the prom below Beach Terrace to witness the final delivery of sand from The Oranje. Photos by Jason Thompson, 4.30am - 7.30am. A fond farewell...
the last view of the Oranje 16th June - Farewell to the Oranje
The last unloading of the sands, as seen by Derek and Margaret Hobbs - right to the last drop!
couple 16th June - Misty finish
Rebecca de'Wessington's views of the now historic final load of sand, watched through a haze of drizzle with a bunch of other enthusiasts.
Life on the beach Life's a beach...
The 17th June was hot and sunny, and it brought out the first visitors to sit, run, splash, read, play, walk, drink and for some, take their first steps on a new beach. Photos by Jason Thompson
first visitors The first visitors
June 17th 2007 - a beatifully sunny day and a brand new beach attracts droves of visitors eager for a first go on the sand. Photos by Derek and Margaret Hobbs.
richard and the stone The Return of the Rock
21st June - on the Summer Solstice, the Hunkleton Stone is respectfully placed back where it came from - positioned precisely by GPS. Photos by Jason Thompson
hunkleton The Hunkleton is back!
As seen by Derek and Margaret Hobbs - the Hunkleton Stone replacement, plus the first Core Loc placements, and the drainage of the Horseshoe Steps foundation
Pipes to clear Clearing away the pipes
22/07 The pipes are moved out of the bay, and the floating sections of the sinkerline are towed out to sea. The heavy plant is moved off the beach, By Derek and Margaret Hobbs.
core loc placement Core Loc placement
23/07 A busy day on the breakwater, with many Core Loc units now placed, and work being done on the sculpture foundations. Photos by Derek and Margaret Hobbs.

A short walk
...along the prom. The foundations for the new raised platform in front of Sea View House, Vernon Place, and some Core Loc placement views - just a quick update today. 23/07

couple 24th June - Sunday Afternoon
A lovely sunny late afternoon and the work on the Core Loc continues, as people walk along the water's edge, or take pictures and video from the viewing platforms.
fishing in the waves Not too rough to fish...
26th June - and although the sea was too rough for the Strekker to work, the fishermen were on the new beach enjoyong the opportunity to get a bit closer to the fish...

HEALTH & SAFETY - PLEASE NOTE: Although the new beach is a very exciting place and we ALL want to play on it, it's still technically a building site, and as such a potentially dangerous place - the signs are still up and the work still continues - so it's best to stay off until given the official go-ahead by the Contractors. Please follow the advice of the officials on the beach - it won't be long before we can all get on there properly and enjoy it fully. (I am aware that I went on the beach to take some of these photographs, but I was just so excited...sorry! JT)

Newbiggin Bay Before

We welcome contributions to this web site. If you have photographs, video clips or written materials that relate to the project or Newbiggin Bay in general, and would like them to be considered for inclusion, contact or telephone 01670 810370 to speak to Jason Thompson.

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