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Newbiggin beach replenishment project
Welcome to Newbiggin by the Sea
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Video Gallery - Bay Views

Some of the video clips on this web site use QuickTime - you may need to download the latest version of the player if you have difficulty viewing them -

Carole Robinson John and Clair Cooper  
Carole Robinson - Headteacher John and Claire Cooper  
Dave Futers Alan Thompson Rebecca, Oliver and Katrin
David Futers - Sailing Club Cllr Alan Thompson Rebecca, Oliver and Katrin
Ian Leech Simon Minnis Ian de Wessington
Ian Leech - Press Officer Simon Minnis - Resident Ian de'Wessington - Resident
Peter and Eva Trevor Straker Barry Lowther
Pete Seddon & Eva Hartley - Residents Trevor Straker - Client Project Manager Barry Lowther - Life Initiative
Carol Granneman Tim Martin Loon
Carol Granneman - Project Manager Tim Martin - RNLI Loon - Community Music Project
Judith Grieve Eddie Galvin Frank Bertorelli
Rev. Judith Grieve - Vicar Eddie Galvin - Arts Forum Frank Bertorelli - Hairdresser
Garry Dawson Rebecca de Wessington John Armstrong
Garry Dawson - Northumbrian Rebecca de'Wessington - Businesswoman John Armstrong - Fisherman

If you'd like to be interviewed for this site, and have something to say about this exciting project, please get in touch with us and we'll try and talk to you.

We welcome contributions to this web site. If you have photographs, video clips or written materials that relate to the project or Newbiggin Bay in general, and would like them to be considered for inclusion, contact or telephone 01670 810370 to speak to Jason Thompson.

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